Svetlana V. Boriskina, Nikolay I. Zheludev (Eds.)
Pan Stanford 2015.


Preface 16
1. Chiral Nanostructures with Plasmon and Exciton Resonances 22
2. Reciprocity and Optical Chirality 78
3. Chiral Effects in Plasmonic Metasurfaces and Twisted Metamaterials 118
4. Engineering of Radiation of Optically Active Molecules with Chiral Nano-Meta Particles 148
5. Unusual Optical Properties of Helical Metallic Photonic Crystals and Chiral Channels in Dielectric Photonic Crystals 206
6. Chiral Surface Plasmon Polaritons on One-Dimension Nanowires 242
7. Manipulation of Surface Plasmon Patterns with Chirality of Metallic Structure 260
8. Local Field Topology behind Light Localization and Metamaterial Topological Transitions 280
9. Nano-Fano Resonances and Topological Optics 306
10. Chiral Nanostructures Fabricated by Twisted Light with Spin 332
11. Engineering the Orbital Angular Momentum of Light with Plasmonic Vogel Spiral Arrays 356
12. Probing Magnetic Plasmons with Vortex Electron Beams 396
13. Electromagnetic Optical Vortices of Plasmonic Taiji Marks 414
14. Passive and Active Nano-Antenna Systems 430
15. Plasmonic Nanostructures for Nanoscale Energy Delivery and Biosensing: Design Fabrication and Characterization 472

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